Welcome to Soular Child

“The Things he sees are not just remembered; they form a part of his soul“
Dr. Maria Montessori

At Soular Child, our mission is to give each child the chance to have a lifelong learning experience – that is, essential comprehension, critical thinking skills, and vigor of character necessary to thrive as happy, developing children today and as successful adults tomorrow.

Maria Montessori

Montessori Philosophy

This approach has a proven track record of effectiveness for over 100 years and continues to grow in popularity worldwide

As an educational approach, the Montessori method focuses on the individuality of each child in respect to their own needs and talents. The child controls the pace, topic and repetition of lessons independent of the rest of the class. Children who experience the joy of learning are believed to be happy, confident and fulfilled.

Why Soular Child


Qualified teachers

In any institution, teachers play a significant role in shaping the learning of children. If teachers are not qualified or trained in the core principals of the institution the institution will fall apart and the learning of children is jeopardized

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Mixed age group

Since multi-aged groupings are the hallmark of Montessori education, Soular Child has incorporated the practice into the daily schedule and reaps the benefits associated with this style.

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Conducive environment

Physical and socio-cultural environments affect students’ learning for better or for worse. Soular Child is one of few Montessori centres equipped with an adequate physical environment for the practice.

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Calm atmosphere

Children the fruit of the womb and continue to be throughout the whole developmental stage. They cherish their outer world and soak in each and every piece of information so they can create their inner world.

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We Believe

  • We believe in working mutually with parents to build strong basics for their child’s personality;
  • We believe in making your child's formative years more creative and exceptionally meaningful;
  • We believe in teaching and following the holistic way of living;
  • We believe in the success of every student and taking pride in their success;

  • We encourage you to visit our school to see what makes us DIFFERENT...

Soular Child Features

  • A first-class approach combining both Montessori and Fröbel teaching methods to promote well-rounded, creative young minds
  • Mixed age groups to help foster role model behaviour in both the young and older children
  • A wide breadth of extra curricular activities included in your child’s tuition
  • A curriculum that prepares children for a constantly changing world by encouraging discipline, concentration, and motivation